How to Sell on Facebook Using Shopify: What is the Difference Between Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shop Tab


What is Facebook Shop Tab? What is a Facebook marketplace? How to sell on Facebook using Shopify? Read and find out more!


Facebook Shop Tab is a feature offered by the Facebook platform and can be a game changer for any online business, including your Shopify store. The only problem is that people are confusing Facebook Shop Tab with another feature called Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Shop Tab was presented in 2016 and it is considered to be an advantage for online stores looking to convert the target customers via Facebook. While we all use Facebook to increase traffic to our online stores, the truth is that many users don’t want to leave the platform.

Numerous Facebook shopping services and apps were designed to allow Facebook visitors to purchase directly from Facebook with leaving the platform. Shopify is one great example.

Shop Tab was announced as one very helpful tool and over the last couple of months, more and more online stores saw the Add Shop Button on Facebook.

Facebook Shop Tab allows you to list products and sell directly on Facebook.

The Facebook marketplace is completely different from the Facebook Shop Tab. The Facebook marketplace is aimed at users instead of businesses and it is available on the Facebook App for both Android and iOs. The Facebook marketplace is where Facebook users can take a photo of an item they don’t want anymore and put that item up for a sale. Other users see the products for sale and arrange payment or try to negotiate the price.

So, which one should you use for your online business? How to sell on Facebook using Shopify?

The Facebook shop tab is a better option for your Shopify store. What is great about Facebook Shop Tab is how easy and simple it is to set up and use. If you already have a Shopify store, you should see the option to Add Shop Section.

Facebook will ask you to agree to terms and policies. It is recommendable to read these policies as they include information such as what products are not allowed to sell on Facebook, return policies, refund policies, and more.

Both options are highly cost-effective, but if you want to sell on Facebook using Shopify, it is better if you use the Facebook Shop Tab.