5 Killer Tips to Find Best Selling Products for Your Facebook Shop by Shopify

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Wondering how to create a better online store with Shopify and Facebook? How to find the best selling products for your Facebook shop by Shopify? Read and find out!


Ecommerce solution Shopify and Facebook platform are an excellent combination to start building your own successful online business! Open your Shopify store, connect it to Facebook, and start selling in a few clicks.

Shopify provides you with all the tools you need to create a better online store. The only decision you have to make is what kind of products to sell.

Here are 5 killer tips that can help you find the best selling products for your Facebook shop by Shopify:

  • Find the best selling products on Aliexpress: Head over to Aliexpress official site, go to your preferred product category, filter the results by “Orders” and you will get the products with the most orders, as well as, highest ratings. There you go – the best selling products in your preferred category. You can repeat this to find sellers in as many product categories as you want.
  • Find Amazon best sellers: This is a great strategy to find popular products to sell on Shopify and Facebook. Find specific products, for example, Harry Potter Wand. Focus on unique and high-priced items.
  • Use Ahrefs to find trending products: Ahrefs is one great SEO tool, perfect for finding keywords or content ideas. Open Ahrefs and search for niche keywords. For example, chairs. Click “View all” and discover a list of related keywords that have your main keyword in them. Select the right keyword (keyword with a volume more than 1k, your target region, clickability over 50%, and keyword difficulty below 10). Go to Google trends and search the keyword you chose. Check worldwide and target region and if you notice that the trend goes upwards, you can start targeting these products.
  • Use MYIP.MS: There is this incredible site MYIP.MS which helps you find the websites hosted from your Shopify platform. The website lists the online stores that are being operated over Shopify platform. The incredible feature of MYIP.MS is that you can sort the Shopify stores by IP address, world rating, country, and hosting city. This can help you discover the most popular Shopify stores and best-selling products you can use for your Facebook shop by Shopify.
  • Use Pinterest.com: On Pinterest, you can search for a specific product niche and discover the most popular posts across the site. For example, if you want to sell necklaces, type in necklaces in the Pinterest search bar and discover the most popular images that are being shared across the platform. You’ll notice unique necklaces, in a heartbeat shape, necklaces with initials, and more.

Ready to choose a popular product to sell?

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