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Tips and Tricks Travel to Indonesia

travel to indonesiaIs there anyone of you who do not want to travel to Indonesia? It must be a pity for you since Indonesia is able to provide you a chance to see so many wonderful places. Known to be a country which is full of islands, Indonesia does not only offer beautiful beaches, it also offers you so many other tourism destinations including great mountain to climb, enjoyable forest and many other things to enjoy. Then, what should we do when we are going to travel to this wonderful country? Here are the best tips and tricks for you who want to visit Indonesia.

Top Tips and Tricks to Travel to Indonesia

First, do not forget to bring your visa. In this case, if you come from one of 196 countries which allow tourist to get a 30-day Visa on Arrival, you will get a chance to have it. Second, when you travel to Indonesia, it is better for you to make sure where exactly the place in Indonesia that you are going to visit. Indonesia is a big country and you will find over 17,000 in this country. Hence, it will be better for you to start finding out where are the places you are going to visit before actually traveling in this country.

On the other hand, when it comes to Indonesia, you should know that Indonesia is not only about Bali. There are many other places in Indonesia that are as wonderful as Bali. If you make Bali as your first choice, you may need to add some other cities in Indonesia as your other choices. Let’s say Lombok and Komodo Island, it will be such a great place to visit as well. Still, do not know where to visit in Indonesia? You may like to visit www.gotoindonesia.net and find out more.