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When the Color of Your Urine Talks

Health tipsUrine or human urine in this case already is a very good tool to diagnosis a virus, illness and many other things since the age of science. The urine will talk using their smells, color, and density. Those can reveal the state of your health and also it will also can make you do some precaution before it gets too late, and today we will going to tell you about what the exactly the color of the urine says to you. Knowing this also will make you can handle things early and it will save from the greater damage in the future.

Here is some few explanation for you.

  • Transparent or no color, this means, you are drinking lot of water and you might want to cut back,
  • Pale straw color, this means, you are normal and well hydrate this is very good state,
  • Transparent yellow, this means you health no more,
  • Dark yellow, you are healthy but you need to drink water soon after you notice this,
  • Amber or honey, you need to drink some water, because your body not getting much of it,
  • Brown ale or syrup, this also means you could have liver disease or severe dehydration, you need to check up and drink some water,
  • Pink to reddish, you may have blood in your urine, if you are not recently eaten blueberries, beets and also rhubarb. It also could be nothing, or it could be also a sign of kidney disease. To get more information, you can seek the help from the doctor and do some check up it’s really recommended for you,
  • Orange, you are not drinking lots of water or you also can carry liver or bile duct condition. Or also it could be just a food dye. It’s better if you check your body in the hospital,
  • Blue or green, this means you carry the rare genetic disease that can turn your urine into blue or green,
  • Purple, there are no such thing this will happen to you because no one has purple urine,
  • Foaming or fizzing, it could be means kidney problem or a harmless hydraulic effect.

So, you need to pay lots of attention on your urine from now on, because it will help you to
notice what’s going on inside your body.

How To Stay Young

Health tipsHow to stay young? Hmm, mostly people will always be wondering about how to make their body and mind stay young. They do not want to get old too fast, even they do not want to get old at all. It is not impossible to make your body stay young in a long time. Even though you are still getting old as well. At least you can be slowing down the aging process, right? Do you believe that aging can be slowed by makes your mind relax and happy? It is real and right. Let see the tips below.

You should laughter and have fun more; you should not gloomy. Second, you should let bygones anything. Do not think about it too much. Then, you should go to bed early and wake up early as well. It is healthy and good for you. After that, you should stay lean. Make your body not more than 30% overweight. Then, you can stay working and do anything you like. Besides, you should be the ruler of your own life, do not obey the rule that you hate. Then, do not consume too much medicine. Chemical can be a danger to your body. Afterward, do your exercise, eat fruits and get rid of fatty foods. The last, you should not too worry about your life and death. Just enjoy it.

So, do you feel younger now? Young outside and inside can be done by those ways. You should believe that the mind can make the body work well. Therefore, if you always think positive; your body will be positive as well. Do not force yourself to think much if you are tired too. People need to rest their mind and body. Use your time wisely and you will be happy and always young. That is all.

Several Types of Mouth Ulcers You Should Know

Health tipsAs for having been known that mouth ulcers are the condition where there are the sores appearing in the mouth. Here, it can be inside the mouth or the cheeks. Having another name as aphthous ulcers, this condition will make you cannot eat, drink and brush your teeth well. When you do all of those activities, indeed it must be very painful.

Actually, mouth ulcers are harmless in which it will not cause another dangerous condition. Besides, this common condition can clear up without any treatment. If you have the mouth ulcers more than 3 weeks, it is the time for you to sew the medical advice. In addition, this condition will not be caught from others.

Moreover, there are some mouth ulcers’ types that you must know.

  1. Minor ulcers

For this first type will have a diameter about 2-8 mm. This type of mouth ulcers usually can clear up around 10 days or maybe it can be 2 weeks. Actually, it is the most common ulcers that many people have. Without any treatment, this condition can clear up by own self.

  1. Major ulcers

Then, for the next type is called as major ulcers. These ulcers are bigger and deeper. Usually, those are with an irregular border. In this type of mouth ulcers, it can clear up some weeks and it is possible to leave the scar in your mouth too. Since this condition is suffering, going to get medical advice is a better thing to be done.

  1. Herpetiform ulcers

For the last type of mouth ulcers are called as herpetiform ulcers. Here, those are the smaller stores in your mouth.

In short, those are about mouth ulcers and the three types of it. Although the condition is commonly found, it does not mean that you should not worry about the condition since it can be the sign that you are in a stress or so on.

Best Underwear for Health

Health tipsUnderwear is one of the important parts of your outfit. Although it is ‘invisible’ and nobody knows the color or even the form of your underwear; however, you should still choose the right underwear for you. For your information, the choosing of underwear is important for your health. Especially women, underwear such as bra and panties are important for their health. You can see that some of the women’s underwear sometimes has a different function. You should know which the right underwear is for you ladies. Let see the tips below.

Tight underwear for women might look sexy and gorgeous. However, you cannot wear those every day and every time. You will make your breast and your sensitive part suffer. They need air to breathe to make them still dry and healthy. Breast with too tight bra will make them in danger. Some people prove that it cause cancer. You do not want to have cancer, don’t you? So, choose the right bra that fit with your size. Then, you can wear tight pants inside such as g-string if only you need but do not wear it every time. There are so many bad effects of too tight underwear for women or men. One of them is your fertility get in trouble.

Then, it can cause the appearance of your sensitive part is bad as well. Your sensitive part will be darker than other parts. It will not good for your spouse. The best solution is you should wear the right size of underwear for your sensitive part. Choose the right size will make you comfortable and easy to move. Your sensitive part will not feel hurt if you have right size you know. Do not torture your body and make your own body sick. Health is the important thing in your life, do not ignore it.

Simple Health Tips for Women in the House

Health tipsBe healthy is the things that people are looking for and of course, there are lots of ways that you can do to achieve that in your life. Not only good for you. Being health also will be good for others who live surround you. In this article, we will discuss a simple tip that you can do if you want to make your life happier, enjoyable and of course healthier. So. If you are one of the people especially women who wants to get a healthier body, this article is the best item that you should read.

There are lots of ways that you can do if you looking for a good live and healthy live. But, the natural one is the most recommended ways that you should do. Well, there are few of simple tips that you can use in the house if you want to get a healthier body.

  • Eat fruits like apple, orange, and grapes, because these kinds of fruits contain lots of antioxidant and good for the body.
  • Drink lots of water to keep the balance of the liquid on your body.
  • Do some little exercise two or three times a week.
  • Avoid Fast Food Consumption

With following those tips above, you can get a very good and healthier body which will make you can live happier, longer and also healthy.

Well, for those of you who really want to fix your body from the outside world those tips can be really suitable for you and for women those tips are the easy one that you can apply to your own life and with doing that you can make your skin looks shinier and even you can have a sexier body which will make you looks so gorgeous and beautiful.

The Importance of Water

Health tipsWater is the thing that people must have in daily life. Water is the irreplaceable thing as it is the thing that dominates our body. Our body contains 90% water which means that if we don’t get enough water for our body, you will find something that can make your body in trouble. There will be some bad things happen if you don’t get enough water and here are the things why you should drink enough water to stay healthy.

We begin this with the fact that water dominates our body. When you know that 90% of our body is water, you will understand that if we don’t drink enough of water, we are in real problem. Our body will be weaker, our concentration is lost, and our consciousness is gone for some cases. It is because we are dehydrated and this can be very bad and in some cases, it leads to death. Therefore, if you feel like tired all the time and lose focus easily, drink enough water and you will find the difference. Then, you will also get more weight if you don’t consume enough water. Water is something that can balance your metabolism.

When there is a lack of water in your body, your body reacts badly by making your metabolism slower and this can make your body works slowly too like digestion system and some other things inside your body. If it happens, then you will store fat easier than before as your body has no energy to burn fat as your metabolism is low and the foods you are eating is not fully digested. See, those things can be something that you will suffer when you don’t drink enough water in your daily life. Now, what you need to do to maintain your health is to consume water as much as it is recommended, 8 glasses a day, to make your body healthy and hydrated to make you able to work in focus. Hopefully, you can find this thing helpful.