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Clash of Clans Tips

gemme gratuitDo you want to make your experience on playing Clash of Clans become more and more pleasing and enjoyable? Then, upgrading your information about this game as well as tips and tricks to play this game is the most appropriate solution for you. There are some must-know tips to play this game as suggested by many web pages on the internet. If you want to access and know some of those must-know tips, check this out!

Clash of Clans Tips for You

Now, let’s begin to see some of the must-know tips to play this game. Tips number one, save your gems! When playing this game, gems are a valuable thing that you need to keep to improve your builder and any other thing. At first, you will have 500 gems and you can gain more as you play. Save the gems until you can buy builder 4 and 5 in Clash of Clans. By doing so, you will be able to establish more buildings in one time. Tips number two, use inexpensive units! You should consider the cost of units you use to battle. If you are just a beginner and your goal is to keep resources, using inexpensive units which are fast to produce is the best choice.

Tips number three, use spells when crucial only. Just like some of the units available for battle, spells are also very expensive and it also takes a time to produce. It is better for you to use spells when it is necessary only so that you can get the advantages. Tips number four; upgrade your Town Hall slowly but sure. By having a higher level of Town Hall comparing with your enemy, you will have much chance to steal their resources. Tips number five, visit donatienastuce.com and find essential tricks to play this game.