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Full Body Silicone Baby In Nursery

full body silicone babyWhen people hear about full body silicone baby, they might think as the usual doll for kids, just like another Barbie doll. But, they may be surprised if they look how very similar it is with the real original human’s infant. Nowadays, it is very easy to find this invention, no matter in online store or in the supermarket near them. Besides offering in two gender; male and female; some stores also provide their personal needs such as accessories, clothes, and shoes which give them to redressed the silicone baby into their own imagination.

The Usage Of Full Body Silicone Baby

For the first time, full body silicone baby is made for helping nursery activities. Using this model, people could get some basic training in handling baby. Sometimes, handling a baby could be an awkward moment, especially for the new parents whose no experience before. With holding this model, they do not need to feel hesitate to hug and carry it. Moreover, they can practice how to feed, potty train the baby, and take them bath. This model is believed successfully can help the doctor and nurse to give some explanation and tricks in sitting a baby.


Besides that, function, basically full body silicone baby also give the chance for parents to spend leisure times together. This can also build connection with their children. They may play role play as a doctor and patient using this doll. Moreover, they can teach their children as mother and the doll as the baby. Some experts say, this activity could make the bonding between parents and children is stronger than before. The parents can advise the children in easy ways to their children. In short, it can be stated as a method of modern parenting class that is applied in many countries.