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Recommendation of Asian Restaurant Near Me

asian restaurants near meFor most people in Europe or America, it is not a common to have Asian foods as they have different taste than the taste of Asian people. They like a sandwich, pizza, and some other stuff that are known as European or American foods. If you have never tasted the taste of Asian food, maybe you should find in Google ‘Asian restaurant near me’ and you will find that the Asian foods are not as bad as you thought before. Maybe the taste is different because each country has a different kind of taste and even in Asian, there will be different kind of taste from different countries like Chinese and India. It is important for you to find the recommended restaurant to know about Asian foods and here you will find them to make you know what taste of Asian foods really is.

List of Asian Restaurant Near Me

There are a lot of Asian restaurants that you will find on Google when you search ‘Asian restaurant near me’, but here are some recommendations for you if you are willing to taste this food for the first time. The first restaurant that you should visit is Buddakan. This is the restaurant that serves you the Chinese foods and for menu recommendation, it is the Crab Shiu Mai and lobster. Asian foods are well-known with the seafood serving, and this menu has crab and lobster on the menu, really showing the typical of Asian foods, you should taste it because it is delicious and also unique. The next restaurant that you also need to know is the restaurant called Rice Paper Scissor. Sounds like a universal game of ‘rock paper scissor’, but this is not about the game at all. This restaurant actually serves Thailand foods and if you need a recommendation, a papaya salad should be your top list in this restaurant.

See, there are a lot of Asian restaurants that can be your recommendation for getting delicious foods. You should try before you judge the foods as they have great foods made by the great chef, so the result should be good either. If you want to get more Asian restaurants to visit, just go to Google and search for ‘Asian restaurant near me’, and you will find some recommendations there.