Several Types of Mouth Ulcers You Should Know

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Health tipsAs for having been known that mouth ulcers are the condition where there are the sores appearing in the mouth. Here, it can be inside the mouth or the cheeks. Having another name as aphthous ulcers, this condition will make you cannot eat, drink and brush your teeth well. When you do all of those activities, indeed it must be very painful.

Actually, mouth ulcers are harmless in which it will not cause another dangerous condition. Besides, this common condition can clear up without any treatment. If you have the mouth ulcers more than 3 weeks, it is the time for you to sew the medical advice. In addition, this condition will not be caught from others.

Moreover, there are some mouth ulcers’ types that you must know.

  1. Minor ulcers

For this first type will have a diameter about 2-8 mm. This type of mouth ulcers usually can clear up around 10 days or maybe it can be 2 weeks. Actually, it is the most common ulcers that many people have. Without any treatment, this condition can clear up by own self.

  1. Major ulcers

Then, for the next type is called as major ulcers. These ulcers are bigger and deeper. Usually, those are with an irregular border. In this type of mouth ulcers, it can clear up some weeks and it is possible to leave the scar in your mouth too. Since this condition is suffering, going to get medical advice is a better thing to be done.

  1. Herpetiform ulcers

For the last type of mouth ulcers are called as herpetiform ulcers. Here, those are the smaller stores in your mouth.

In short, those are about mouth ulcers and the three types of it. Although the condition is commonly found, it does not mean that you should not worry about the condition since it can be the sign that you are in a stress or so on.

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