Real Time Battle with Clash Royale

admin   November 22, 2016   Comments Off on Real Time Battle with Clash Royale

clash royale hackIf you are one of the biggest fans of mobile strategy game, you must know about clash royale. One of the brand new games that already shake the world with its hype. This game launched about 4 years back and still happening till this very days. The game itself have a very good graphic and easy to learn. Very different than the other classic strategy game. Not so different from its ancestor. This game still depends on the strategy genre. But, don’t worry, because this game offers you with a different thing that will make you can have more fun and joy when you play this awesome mobile game.

Awesome Mobile Game with Simple Gameplay

The basic appearance in this game it’s in portrait position. So, its means you don’t need to rotate your phone to play it. The appearance looks simple and easy to learn. Its contains power level, gold, diamond, trophy, free and crown chest, player name and other info. Have a nice simple and easy look. Very different from the ancestor. If you want to go to war or battle, you will find a deck option on the menu before you go to the battle. In this section, you can arrange the troops that you will use against the other player. Which make this game really different from the other strategy game.

But, like the other strategy game, you need diamonds, gold, and other items to make sure your troops can gain power and also those items also can be used as a boost to gain more level and power faster. Some of the items you can obtain from the event. But, some of them you need to buy it with actual money. If you won’t spend any money for the game it’s fine, because with clash royale cheats you will get everything that you need for free.

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