Health Care for College Students?

admin   December 13, 2016   Comments Off on Health Care for College Students?

Health careIs that such a thing even exist? College student, just like me are one of a group of people with not-so-healthy lifestyle. Living away from their parents, push them to take care of themselves. Which is not a simple job, in my opinion. Our time is very limited, student load is taking most of it. Not to mention that you should do everything by yourself too. Such us, laundry, cleaning up your room, cooking, and the list never ends. To point it up, not everyone blessed enough to have cooking skill. I can’t cook to save my life. Instant noodle is excluded.

This is the main problem, limited time, no cooking skill, and no money too. That makes instant noodle is such a great choice. And we already knew that instant noodle isn’t that healthy. And to add it, we barely have time for doing sport! You can imagine what kind of lifestyle we are currently leading off. Juggling between studying, taking care of our self and having a social life are never easy.

We are such an owl too, working in the middle of the night. Because of that, we consume a lot of caffeine and energy drink, and we lack sleep, it’s merely three to four hours max. And we don’t really think about the long-term effect of this. Poor my liver and kidney. Because of that, besides our personal insurance from our college and maybe your personal insurance from your family that not everyone is having it, I think that health care, especially for a college student, is a must. Seriously. We still have a long way to go, you know. So, we should keep healthy! We promised and sacrificing so much for our country. Cheers for all college students from all over the world! Keep struggling guys!

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