Go Clean Your Room!

admin   December 15, 2016   Comments Off on Go Clean Your Room!

Health lifeOne’s room, reflecting one’s life. Ever heard about that quotes? I bet you haven’t! Because I just made it up a few seconds ago, But I believe you will agree with that, even just a tiny bit. It doesn’t matter. But, I, myself very agree with that. How can? If someone room is so messy, trash in every direction smells bad, I can guarantee that the person owning the room is a lazy, shabby and unkempt kind of person. And if the room smells good, everything is shiny, and keep in place, I assume that the owners has a great time management, tidy and diligent. Vice versa. To be very honest, I’m such a lazy person too, but at least, I’m trying to become a better person now. And I believe everyone can.

Clean room equals a healthy life. Of course, How can your life healthily if there is dust in every corner of your room? Your air is being polluted, stop being lazy! Go get your broom or vacuum cleaner, and remove all the dusk. You need to wash and change your curtain too, clean up your window and ventilation. Put all the dirty clothes into the laundry, collect all the trash and put them in the garbage.

Try to get a room refresher, go change your sheet and wash your blanket. Also, don’t forget to change your pillow’s and bolster’s case too. Scrub your closet, dry your towel. Change your teeth brush, don’t play with your phone all the time. Stop eating junk food all the time, no soda. Don’t sleep too late and try to wake up early. Go jog if you have the time, did I miss out anything? I guess I start to sounds like your mother. But I don’t care. Is it for the better?

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