Flat Belly Tricks

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Health careDo tight diet and hard exercise is not the main solution to flatten your belly. Many people succeed to burn belly fat by consuming simple eating habit. The habits such as drinking a lot of mineral water and reduce particular meal that causes weight gain. The fat belly accumulation is the work from cortisol hormone. Therefore, if you do not have free time to do exercise you must avoid particular foods and eat a healthy meal. These foods are:

  1. Milk containing food

We often claim that milk and food containing food is healthy for our body but these foods are causing gas and bloating. If you love those foods, you can change it with yogurt which is more advantage. Thus, if you want to get a flat belly, you must avoid milk containing food.

  1. Coffee and Alcohol

Coffee and Alcohol cause fat accumulation in your belly, so stay away from these beverages.

  1. Salt

Saltly is important for our body, but if we eat excessive salt, it causes water retention. It makes your belly is bloating. Thus, it is better to reduce salt consumption.

  1. Do not avoid fruits

Fruits are rich in fiber and fructose that are good for our body. It can slow down the metabolism system so our belly will feel satisfied for a long time. Particular fruits like apple and pear are very good for flatting our belly. Therefore, you must consume it every day. Those fruits give many advantages and fibers. Also, you may consume orange that contains vitamin C which is good to cause weight loss.

  1. Carbohydrate

Meals that contain many carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and rice, will damage your belly. It disturbs the fat burning process. Thus, you have to consume foods that contain a lot of protein.

  1. Drink much water

Drinking much water is very good to flatten your belly. Therefore, you have to consume about 8 glasses per day.

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