When the Color of Your Urine Talks

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Health tipsUrine or human urine in this case already is a very good tool to diagnosis a virus, illness and many other things since the age of science. The urine will talk using their smells, color, and density. Those can reveal the state of your health and also it will also can make you do some precaution before it gets too late, and today we will going to tell you about what the exactly the color of the urine says to you. Knowing this also will make you can handle things early and it will save from the greater damage in the future.

Here is some few explanation for you.

  • Transparent or no color, this means, you are drinking lot of water and you might want to cut back,
  • Pale straw color, this means, you are normal and well hydrate this is very good state,
  • Transparent yellow, this means you health no more,
  • Dark yellow, you are healthy but you need to drink water soon after you notice this,
  • Amber or honey, you need to drink some water, because your body not getting much of it,
  • Brown ale or syrup, this also means you could have liver disease or severe dehydration, you need to check up and drink some water,
  • Pink to reddish, you may have blood in your urine, if you are not recently eaten blueberries, beets and also rhubarb. It also could be nothing, or it could be also a sign of kidney disease. To get more information, you can seek the help from the doctor and do some check up it’s really recommended for you,
  • Orange, you are not drinking lots of water or you also can carry liver or bile duct condition. Or also it could be just a food dye. It’s better if you check your body in the hospital,
  • Blue or green, this means you carry the rare genetic disease that can turn your urine into blue or green,
  • Purple, there are no such thing this will happen to you because no one has purple urine,
  • Foaming or fizzing, it could be means kidney problem or a harmless hydraulic effect.

So, you need to pay lots of attention on your urine from now on, because it will help you to
notice what’s going on inside your body.

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