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Go Clean Your Room!

Health lifeOne’s room, reflecting one’s life. Ever heard about that quotes? I bet you haven’t! Because I just made it up a few seconds ago, But I believe you will agree with that, even just a tiny bit. It doesn’t matter. But, I, myself very agree with that. How can? If someone room is so messy, trash in every direction smells bad, I can guarantee that the person owning the room is a lazy, shabby and unkempt kind of person. And if the room smells good, everything is shiny, and keep in place, I assume that the owners has a great time management, tidy and diligent. Vice versa. To be very honest, I’m such a lazy person too, but at least, I’m trying to become a better person now. And I believe everyone can.

Clean room equals a healthy life. Of course, How can your life healthily if there is dust in every corner of your room? Your air is being polluted, stop being lazy! Go get your broom or vacuum cleaner, and remove all the dusk. You need to wash and change your curtain too, clean up your window and ventilation. Put all the dirty clothes into the laundry, collect all the trash and put them in the garbage.

Try to get a room refresher, go change your sheet and wash your blanket. Also, don’t forget to change your pillow’s and bolster’s case too. Scrub your closet, dry your towel. Change your teeth brush, don’t play with your phone all the time. Stop eating junk food all the time, no soda. Don’t sleep too late and try to wake up early. Go jog if you have the time, did I miss out anything? I guess I start to sounds like your mother. But I don’t care. Is it for the better?

A Reliable Site : How To Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose

how to get rid of a stuffy noseCold weather or winter sometimes becomes a worry for some people. Cold can make the bodies weaker and the infection seems like an enemy for them. The most usual symptoms that severally appear are the flu. It is not an unwanted condition but everyone in low immunity condition has bigger potential to be infected by bacteria. However, both the diseases and the symptoms are curable. Some medical book and social pages write a lot article related to this matter. Same with other literature, how to get rid of stuffy nose shows us the easy way in preventing stuffy nose instead.

What Are The Tips Explained In How To Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose?

Besides the healing infections, there are some suggestions to prevent the infections caused by the flu virus. In how to get rid of stuffy nose, it tells people to need to take regular exercise. As people know, exercise will make the body tremendous. By better taken in respiratory, it can prevent bacterial infections. Somehow to increase willingness to take exercise, people can go to a sports center or when they want to take it at home, many sports equipment’s are sold in many stores.

Besides preparing the body using physical exercise, another treatment is also described in which is taking vitamin C in high dosage. Vitamin C in the natural compound could be found in fruits and vegetables, but it people wants to take supplements as their daily needs are also suggested. Vitamin C reduces the viral infections because it is supporting antioxidant effects at the body. It means, even though small number required to take daily, vitamin C plays a vital role to support immunity systems. Some literature states to take more dosage when cold weather and winter comes because the body tangentially getting weaker. Moreover, it is also advised not to blow the nose hard once they got the flu. Blowing the nose can tear sinusitis that in next effect it is probably more irritated and inflamed. Gently blowing is better to avoid further side effects from flu symptoms.

Health Care for College Students?

Health careIs that such a thing even exist? College student, just like me are one of a group of people with not-so-healthy lifestyle. Living away from their parents, push them to take care of themselves. Which is not a simple job, in my opinion. Our time is very limited, student load is taking most of it. Not to mention that you should do everything by yourself too. Such us, laundry, cleaning up your room, cooking, and the list never ends. To point it up, not everyone blessed enough to have cooking skill. I can’t cook to save my life. Instant noodle is excluded.

This is the main problem, limited time, no cooking skill, and no money too. That makes instant noodle is such a great choice. And we already knew that instant noodle isn’t that healthy. And to add it, we barely have time for doing sport! You can imagine what kind of lifestyle we are currently leading off. Juggling between studying, taking care of our self and having a social life are never easy.

We are such an owl too, working in the middle of the night. Because of that, we consume a lot of caffeine and energy drink, and we lack sleep, it’s merely three to four hours max. And we don’t really think about the long-term effect of this. Poor my liver and kidney. Because of that, besides our personal insurance from our college and maybe your personal insurance from your family that not everyone is having it, I think that health care, especially for a college student, is a must. Seriously. We still have a long way to go, you know. So, we should keep healthy! We promised and sacrificing so much for our country. Cheers for all college students from all over the world! Keep struggling guys!

Some Good Nutrition to Ease Your Sleeping Time

Health lifeMost of the people nowadays work so hard for their life. The digital era has pushed out beyond time boundaries to earn profit from our job. That is why most of us now are able to do our job in our home at any time. This means that another part of our life like refreshing could be done in front of our gadget and our laptop such as watching some series. This is some of the things that could make us get a common issue called as insomnia. We can get this issue really annoying because insomnia reduces our activeness in the day because we cannot focus on something. We could also lose our time to sleep in the night because we are too active in the night. That is why we must maintain the nutrition that we need to keep our sleeping time in order.

The nutrition that we need is provided by nature. The first example is the chamomile tea, it has been researched by some institutes that the tea could become the sleep solution for people who is really hard to get it. Then, it works by relaxing our brain to make so rest and recover our energy in our sleep.

The another example is milk. The milk has tryptophan which is able to make our body relax before going to sleep. It makes us forget about our trouble in that day and we can move along to sleep in that night. It is a very good thing to remember because sleeping is very important to our body. It is the time when we need to recover our body from great pressure and we could also hit this condition by some problem. But sleeping remains important if we do it with the right time and the right nutrition will help us to manage it.

Several Types of Mouth Ulcers You Should Know

Health tipsAs for having been known that mouth ulcers are the condition where there are the sores appearing in the mouth. Here, it can be inside the mouth or the cheeks. Having another name as aphthous ulcers, this condition will make you cannot eat, drink and brush your teeth well. When you do all of those activities, indeed it must be very painful.

Actually, mouth ulcers are harmless in which it will not cause another dangerous condition. Besides, this common condition can clear up without any treatment. If you have the mouth ulcers more than 3 weeks, it is the time for you to sew the medical advice. In addition, this condition will not be caught from others.

Moreover, there are some mouth ulcers’ types that you must know.

  1. Minor ulcers

For this first type will have a diameter about 2-8 mm. This type of mouth ulcers usually can clear up around 10 days or maybe it can be 2 weeks. Actually, it is the most common ulcers that many people have. Without any treatment, this condition can clear up by own self.

  1. Major ulcers

Then, for the next type is called as major ulcers. These ulcers are bigger and deeper. Usually, those are with an irregular border. In this type of mouth ulcers, it can clear up some weeks and it is possible to leave the scar in your mouth too. Since this condition is suffering, going to get medical advice is a better thing to be done.

  1. Herpetiform ulcers

For the last type of mouth ulcers are called as herpetiform ulcers. Here, those are the smaller stores in your mouth.

In short, those are about mouth ulcers and the three types of it. Although the condition is commonly found, it does not mean that you should not worry about the condition since it can be the sign that you are in a stress or so on.

Best Underwear for Health

Health tipsUnderwear is one of the important parts of your outfit. Although it is ‘invisible’ and nobody knows the color or even the form of your underwear; however, you should still choose the right underwear for you. For your information, the choosing of underwear is important for your health. Especially women, underwear such as bra and panties are important for their health. You can see that some of the women’s underwear sometimes has a different function. You should know which the right underwear is for you ladies. Let see the tips below.

Tight underwear for women might look sexy and gorgeous. However, you cannot wear those every day and every time. You will make your breast and your sensitive part suffer. They need air to breathe to make them still dry and healthy. Breast with too tight bra will make them in danger. Some people prove that it cause cancer. You do not want to have cancer, don’t you? So, choose the right bra that fit with your size. Then, you can wear tight pants inside such as g-string if only you need but do not wear it every time. There are so many bad effects of too tight underwear for women or men. One of them is your fertility get in trouble.

Then, it can cause the appearance of your sensitive part is bad as well. Your sensitive part will be darker than other parts. It will not good for your spouse. The best solution is you should wear the right size of underwear for your sensitive part. Choose the right size will make you comfortable and easy to move. Your sensitive part will not feel hurt if you have right size you know. Do not torture your body and make your own body sick. Health is the important thing in your life, do not ignore it.

How To Cure Sinus Infection

sinus infectionSinus infection is a sickness which is caused by the inflammation in your sinus part in your nose. This can cause something uncomfortable for those who suffer it, even worse they feel the pain unbearable because of this thing. Therefore, people who are suffering this sickness should get some treatments to cure them or at least to decrease the pain that they have experienced since the day they got the sickness. Here, you will find some treatments that are good for you to have to reduce the pain of the infection and make you feel more comfortable.

Curing Sinus Infection

If you must know, there are some ways to cure this problem for you. The first thing to cure this sinus infection is by having some herbs. Most people have already known about the good effects of herbs for health. Here, you can also use them as the thing that can cure your problem of sinus inflammation.  Try to eat a lot more vegetables to increase your immunity system. With this thing, you will also get some benefits for your organs. If the sickness is still there, get some foods with garlic or onions or pepper to make you feel better. Those things are containing an antioxidant which is good to make your body healthy and increase the antibody. Another thing to do is by doing surgery. This may sound bad, but you must think far if you want to get rid this thin permanently, you should try this way. this can cost you real big, but it is worth to have.

With those two things, you can remove this sinus infection from your nose and live healthy like you wish. Get an operation is clearly a good idea to remove it permanently, but trying to eat some herbals is also something worth to try. If you want to know more about this and everything related to it, you can simply visit to know this sickness deeper.

Ways To Remind Yourself About Breakfast

Health lifeBreakfast is important to keep the balance in our life. But most people today keep forgetting to take this important part of their daily life. This is not an ancient myth that we cannot trust, it is a medical truth that breakfast is important. A good breakfast will make you able to manage your mental functioning, affecting your mood, influence weight and reduce the possibilities of chronic disease that will come to you later on in your life. Then, if you decide to skip breakfast it means that you are doing nutritional boomerang and adversely affect your mental and physical state, either it is the short or long term.

First, remind yourself that breakfast could make your metabolism better and more efficient. During the night, our body has taken some rest. And in the morning, our body will start to have some activities to start the day. Our organs will work and active through the day. The thing is, all your organs need is energy. If there is no enough supply of energy in your body, it will make your body take energy stone. The result is that you will feel weak and less alert in doing your activities during the days.

Second, skipping breakfast could lead to the problem of hunger and it will destruct the plan of weight loss and reducing calories inside your body. The fact is that most people have less weight and more ideal when they are not skipping their breakfast. The other things that will be affected are your brain functioning, health and also a balanced diet. The problem of breakfast could lead to diabetes and also cardiovascular diseases. That is why we must remind ourselves of the importance of breakfast in each morning. If we could pass this routine, we can improve more about our health level.

Move Your Body Now

Health lifeDo you have busy days? You do not have time to move your body and just sit all day long? You are in a big trouble if you do that every day. You should know that your body needs to be moved. Your body will be very happy if you want to go exercise just for once a week. Do not be so spoiled now. Your body need to rest and exercise in your weekend. You may want to prefer to hang out and dating. However, this exercise is not getting your much time in a day. Maybe you can do that every morning before you are busy.

If you know that you are busy; you should wake up earlier in the morning and start to move your body and do exercise. A light exercise only will help your body stay healthy and fresh. Do not force yourself to get hard exercise. You can spend only about fifteen to thirty minutes to do your exercise. It is not so hard for your busy people. You know that if your body stay still for a long time is not good for your health. Therefore, do the exercise if you love your own body.

You are busy maybe because you need to earn money by working. However, you cannot work if you get sick. That is why exercise is important. If you think to eat healthy food is enough, you are wrong. Wait, do you eat only healthy food? Most people that have busy days they forget to think about healthy food. Whenever they hungry, they just eat what food near them. Mostly they eat junk food in the street they find. They rarely cook their own food. Thus, if you do not eat that much healthy food, at least you can do exercise for your own health.

Drink Enough Water Prevent You from Diseases

Health carePeople need to drink to stay hydrated, but most people don’t know how much water they need to have a day to make them stay healthy. Most people just know that drinking, when they are thirsty, is enough to make them healthy. It is sometimes right, but usually, it is also wrong. Most people need a different amount of water in a day, depends on the work they do and the sweat or any kind of fluids they spend to do their work. For an example, an athlete needs more water than the regular people who work in the office. Therefore, you need to know why you need to get enough water in a day and how much you need it to maintain your health. So, here are the answers.

The first thing you need to know is why you need water intake controlled in a day. You need to know that human body consists of 90% water, so this fact clearly shows you that without enough water, your body will lose most of its parts. Water makes you stay hydrated as you will stay fit and energetic all day long. Just imagine if you don’t get enough water in a day, you will be lazy, tired all the time, and you may lose your focus in doing something. The worst thing about being dehydrated is getting passed out or even death. Therefore, you need to get enough water as it is the main component of your body to work. For how much you need to drink water, it cannot be described personally. In common, most people need 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy, but if you work harder, just drink more than it. The parameter is your pee. If your pee is clear, you are hydrated, but if your pee is yellowish, then it means you need water intake more that you get in that time. See, all those things are simple, but you need to know about it to make sure you can maintain your health with it. Hope it helps.

How To Live Healthy Simple And Easy

Health careA healthy life is not that difficult you still can afford that healthy life if you have a desire. When there is a will then there is a way. That can be your motivation if you want to live healthily. From now on you need to change the way you live. You start to have a healthier lifestyle now and avoid several things which can make your health worse. You do not have to make a big change in your life, but your ca start from the little things. Here are several steps you need to follow if you want to live healthily.

The first thing that you should do is that you need to give your body ammunition. The meaning of ammunition here is a food which contains fine nutrition. You will be able to find the nutrition from vegetable or fruit. Both foods contain mineral, vitamin, and protein which are good for your health. Besides, it is also important for you to do the exercise. The exercise you have should not be expensive like going to the gym. You can do your own exercise such as running or even walking.

You do not need the help of instructor you can do it by your own self. The health is not only for the body but you also need to notice to the health of your mental. It includes the health of your mind and your soul. You need to think positive to reduce the stress. You should not to be depressed all the time you need to refresh your mind by having several relationships with people around you. You need to build a healthy and good relation so that you can get the happiness. The happiness you get will affect your health too.

Daily Care for Yourself without Leaving Your Bed

Health careEvery normal person must be able to take care of himself/herself without anyone helping. The reason is because it is essential to ensure the health and the productivity. Taking care of self also leads to better enjoyment in life, and it will not happen if you are sick. Therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself. There are some things to note when it comes to daily care. First of all, it is necessary to spare your time for doing something fun and healthy. It can be anything ranging from meeting with your best friend to having good exercise or having a good sleep. Anyway, it is necessary to leave your working life for a while to enjoy this remarkable life.

Every time you wake up, there is one suggestion that everyone should do. It is simply calming your mind. You can call it as meditation or something like that, but the point is that you need to relax and minimize any distraction that can ruin your day. It requires 5 – 15 minutes depending on how you are working on your mind, and it is absolutely a life changer. This argument is also supported by the fact that people need to sit for a while before standing because your body is not fully awakened yet. Therefore, it is absolutely something that you need to try to take care of yourself.

Since you need to take a while before truly waking up, you definitely need to wake up earlier than before. Otherwise, you may be late to work. To solve this problem, you actually need to take good sleep to every single night. Many activities contributing to the good quality of sleep are drinking plenty of plain water, light exercise, detachment from any artificial lighting, and many other things. With those simple methods, you actually can take care of yourself.

Best Motivation to Help You Start Your Healthy Living Habit

Health lifeAre you practicing such bad habits right now? Then, you may need some motivations to change your bad habit into healthier living habit later on. Eating so much junk food, smoking, not enough exercising and drinking so much coffee is suggested to be some of the bad habits that people need to avoid. Therefore, how to motivate ourselves to start the healthy living habit?

First of all, you can begin with the benefits. Telling yourself about the benefits you will gain by changing your habit is essential to make you realize how much it is beneficial for you to start a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, you should remind yourself about the negative sides of your bad habit and what will happen to you if you continue to do this unhealthy habit. For example, you can remind yourself that change means you will have more energy and feel better.

Next, you can find your role model on doing this healthier living habit. Having a role model will make you more motivated especially if you admire him or her. Do you have anyone in mind that has quit smoking and change his or her bad habit into a healthy habit? If you have, you can make him or her as your model and learn how they can change their behavior.

When it is pretty good to have someone as your role model, having someone that can push you to change may help you as well. Even though it does not sound good to change for the sake of someone else pushing, as long as you can change your habit into something better it will be great to have friends or families that motivate you to change. Now, your duty is to go through such consistent effort in order to succeed your healthy living habit.

Can African Americans Get Lice? This Is The Answer!

Can Black People Get LiceHaving lice on the head is something that is embarrassing. However, anyone may have the risk of having the lice growing on the scalp. In relation about the lice, there is something interesting that you should know. Some people like to know about can African Americans get lice? Well, this question seems like something racist, though, but it has nothing to do with ethnic or something. This is good information for you to know about. Something that you should underline is that anybody can have lice on head, including black people as well. Hence, the answer is complete yes it can.

Can African Americans Get Lice? Here Is The Answer!

How come? Well, the lice may grow the warm place so that no matter what type of hair is since all they need to breed is the warmth. Well, this is something good for you to know about. If some of you like to know about can African Americans get lice? You can get the complete answer on this site. Here, there are a lot of information that you can have to make find out about the growth of lice. For your information that even African people may have a risk to have the lice breed on their head.

It would be completely good for you to know about. Even, the African can have the risk, the amount of the lice is less than Asians or Europeans have. It is because African people tend to have oval hair type in which the legs of the lice are designed for the rounded hair type like Asians or European. On the other hand, if only the lice grown in the small curly hair, it would be uncontrolled as it is difficult to comb to get the lice. If you need to have more information can African Americans get lice?  You can have it on this site.

The Benefits of Grape

Health LifeThe grape tastes sweet and delicious. It makes people love this fruit. There are many kinds of grapes such as green, black, and red grapes. They have different taste but delicious. The grape contains nutrients and antioxidant that is very good for our body. The grape contains polyphenol that can help our body to prevent disease. Here are the benefits of grape that is very awesome.

1. Maintain the health of heart and blood vessels

Polyphenols in grapes may be able to help prevent cardiovascular disease, free radicals, believed to have anti-inflammatory effects of the blood vessel wall, thereby reducing blood pressure and the risk of atherosclerosis, antiplatelet agents, and support endothelial function. According to experiments on animals, the flavonoids in grapes can also protect the body from damage caused by LDL (bad cholesterol). Fiber and potassium in grapes are also able to maintain heart health.

2. Prevent cancer

The benefit of grape is to help us to prevent various types of cancer, including lung esophagus, mouth, pharynx, endometrium (the innermost layer of the lining of the uterus), colon, pancreas, and prostate.

3. Chronic venous insufficiency

Eating grape seed extract may reduce symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency such as the legs feel heavy, tired, tense, pain, and tingling.

4. Prevent High blood pressure

According to a study on rats, the benefits of grapes which are rich in flavonoids can reduce high blood pressure. In addition, grapes are also high in potassium which helps to eliminate the effects of sodium in the body.

5. Improve memory

Research shows that fruits are rich in antioxidants which can help reduce oxidative stress that leads to aging. This fruit can also improve the performance of verbal memory and motor function.

Besides those benefits, the grape is very good for our eyes health and for diabetic people. The extract of grape seeds can reduce stress on eyes because of sun exposure.